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Annual General Meeting, 2002

Pacific Forestry Centre 
Victoria, BC
September 24, 2002




Previous Annual General Meetings
Minutes of Fall 2000 Business Meeting 
Minutes of Fall 2001 Business Meeting

Business Meeting 
24 September 2002 – 4:00 – ~5:00 PM


Library – electronic cataloguing preparationsBennett
Library Committee establishmentBennett & Strong

1)Call to Order (Lorraine Maclauchlan)

Meeting called to order at 4:00 PM.

2)Approval of Agenda (Maclauchlan)

Agenda approval moved by Gail Anderson, seconded by Sherah VanLaerhoven.

3)Approval of Minutes from Spring 2002 Executive Meeting (Maclauchlan)

Fall 2001 Business Minutes approval moved by Bill Riel, seconded by Terry Shore.

4)Business Arising from Minutes

4.1) Ricker commemorative article (Rob Cannings)

Article commemorating life of Bill Ricker was published in Boreus and a copy was forwarded to his family.

4.2) Library issues (Robb Bennett)

Maintenance and functioning of Library remains a critical issue for ESBC. Shelving of holdings, draft library policy and an interim list of current exchange receipts have been completed. Draft policy has been rewritten by Cannings to be better tailored to the perceived needs of ESBC. With permission of ESC, Bennett utilized ESC Education Grant funds to assist in payment for contracted work. Executive must now make decisions regarding Library’s future. Maintenance efforts are insufficient, cataloguing is incomplete and non-electronic, and library remains inaccessible except for local users. ESBC needs to decide whether to maintain or disband library. Both options have associated costs and benefits. General feeling is that the Library is an important asset for ESBC specifically and entomology in general and should be maintained. Draft library policy provides initial direction for maintenance of Library. Executive will need to determine how to generate supportive funding. Bennett has initiated enquiries with ESC regarding funding and has agreed to continue effort to produce basis for electronic catalogue by end of 2003 fiscal year. Ward Strong and Bennett will work to assemble a viable Library Committee to finalize policy and provide direction.

4.3) New Boreus and Website editors (Cris Guppy, Bill Riel)

Cris Guppy and Bill Riel have taken over editorial reins of Boreus and ESBC website, respectively. Both editors have done well. The following reports were read:

Boreus Editor’s Report (Maclauchlan for Guppy)

Greetings to all attending the 2002 AGM of the Entomological Society of British Columbia. I am unable to attend the meeting because I must complete construction of a bridge prior to winter. The bridge is part of my driveway, and the old one is on the verge of collapse. I am building the bridge abutments by hand from concrete and stone, so it is time consuming. A stonefly species living in the stream is only known from a small number of specimens from Quesnel north to Liard River.

The spring/summer 2002 issue of Boreus 22(1) was published in July 2002, with 16 notices, notes, and articles. Feature articles were one by Robb Bennett on house spiders (Tegenaria) and one on noteworthy BC butterfly records by Norbert Kondla and others.

The issue was released a month later than planned, due to late submissions of some critical contributions and my own slowness at getting things moving. But it all worked out in the end, due to Robb Bennett’s excellent job of whipping us into line.

The deadline for submissions for the next issue is November 1, 2002, and everyone is encouraged to provide your contributions by that date. At this time I have no submissions on file (except this report), which is a newsletter editor’s nightmare, so please provide some material!

Web Editor’s Report (Riel)

Over the last year I have enjoyed serving as web editor. There have been no major changes to the structure of the web site, but I have attempted to keep it up to date with new information as it arrives (though, sometimes updates get delayed when my real job gets in the way).

I welcome any suggestions or ideas, especially for the “Links to Sites of Entomological Interest” – and let me know of dead or changed links that you come across. I periodically check and try to update these, but the dynamic nature of the world wide web means that some always get away.

5)President’s Report (Maclauchlan)

Maclauchlan noted that there appears to be a resurgent interest in entomology although career opportunities are “on ebb.” ESBC serves to keep the incentive to study and appreciate entomology alive during these times. She then paraphrased the following report:

It was an honour and privilege to have the title of President of the ESBC for the past year, but as is often the case, now that my term is ending I am finally getting the flavour of the organization. ESBS is a unique and energetic society with many dedicated members that truly keep it “ticking.” In certain sectors of BC some entomologists may be wondering about the future of this profession, but overall I believe there is a resurgence of interest in entomology and with this, optimistically speaking, will come support. One of the little known treasures of the ESBC is our library holdings that are in place at the Pacific Forestry Centre, Canadian Forest Service, Victoria, BC. The contractor that was working on our library collection considers it one of, if not the largest private entomology holdings in Canada. It has a broad and diverse collection of journals, and books as well as what may be considered “collectors items”.

The ESBC library is definitely something that all past and current members should be proud of, and should use and support. However, the future of the library is somewhat tenuous. As a society we must take the matter of having a library serious and as such I believe that we must make this and publication of our Journal the two most important jobs of the ESBC. We are at a point now that one of two decision must be made: 1) maintenance, cataloguing and improving the library should be given up, and the holdings given to some other location or society; or 2) cataloguing, maintenance and accumulation of holdings must be taken seriously and be supported by the ESBC in the future. I think if we continue to promote fund raising events such as the Silent Auction and other avenues of support such as the Entomological Society of Canada, we may be able to make some progress.

7)Journal Editor’s Report (Strong)

Strong read the following report:

Volume 98 of the Journal was the Centennial Commemorative Edition, published to great accolades in December of 2001. It contained 14 invited papers covering entomology in BC over the past 50 years, as well as regular submitted papers. Hats off to Editor Emeritus Dave Raworth for pulling off this excellent volume, a tribute to the last 50 years of entomology in BC, and the first 100 years of our Society.

The December 2002 edition, Volume 99, is well under way with 10 submissions and several other manuscripts promised. Many thanks to the authors for their generally well-prepared manuscripts; to the Editorial Committee and the slate of anonymous reviewers who have provided impartial reviews; and to Dave Raworth for his help, past and future, in guiding me through the process.

I will be exploring the feasibility of moving to an electronic publishing method in the future, potentially doing away with paper submissions, reviews, revisions, and galley proofs. I will complete Volume 99 using the time-honoured paper method to learn the process, and then will be in a better position to move to an electronic method. I will also explore the benefits and drawbacks of publishing in an Internet-accessible format, so that entomologists around the world may access our excellent Journal. I should be able to provide recommendations by the end of winter.

8)Boreus Editor’s Report (Guppy)

See 4.3 above.

9)Web Editor’s Report (Riel)

See 4.3 above.

10) New Business

10.1) 2003 Joint AGM planning (Shore) See 4.8 above.

10.2) Library (Bennett & Cannings).

10.3) Executive Elections Report (Gail Anderson)

Anderson read the following report:

Nominations for President-Elect (who will become President in 2003/2004 Term) and for three directors were sought from the general ESBC membership. Drs. Robert Vernon and Richard Ring agreed to stand for President. Dr. Sherah VanLaerhoven, Dr. Lisa Poirier, Ms. Tamila McMullan, Ms. Linnea Duke and Ms. Niki Hobischak agreed to run for Director. Biographies and ballots were circulated to members in the spring issue of Boreus. The new President-Elect is Dr. Robert Vernon, and the new Directors are Dr. Sherah VanLaerhoven, Dr. Lisa Poirier, Ms. Tamila McMullan.

10.3) ESBC graduate student scholarships (Maclauchlan)

Three MSc and 3 PhD applications were received; all were very good. Allison Henderson (MSc) and Deepa Pureswaran (PhD) were successful applicants this year. As neither were present at the AGM, each will be sent a $500 cheque by mail.

10.4) 2002 Student Paper Presentation Awards (Maclauchlan)

As there was only one paper entered in PhD category, the two awards ($200 Grant – MSc. and $100 Madsen – PhD) were lumped together and a combined Grant/Madsen award of $150 was presented to each of the two best student presentations. Jennifer Perry (“Trophic eggs and cannibalism in ladybugs (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)”) and Maxence Salomon (“Microhabitat selection in western black widow spiders (Theridiidae: Latrodectus) and influence of co-occurring house spiders (Agelenideae: Tegenaria)”) received cheques from Maclauchlan to the applause of the assembled masses.

10.5) Installation of New Officers (Maclauchlan)

At this point, Maclauchlan handed the reins of power to incoming President Anderson. But not before the masses encouraged her to perform a timid and perfunctory ESBC gavel whack.

10.6) Other New Business (Anderson)

Thanking Past-President Maclauchlan for her services, Anderson called for any new business. There being none, she thanked all the AGM participants and called for a motion of adjournment.

11) Adjournment

Meeting adjournment was enthusiastically moved at around 5:00 PM by VanLaerhoven, seconded by Strong.

Minutes submitted by: Robb Bennett, Secretary, 15 October 2002

Entomological Society of British Columbia 
2002 Year-End Financial Statement (1/x/2001-30/ix/2002)


1. Bank balance forwarded on 30 September 20017,755.19


1. DuesMemberships (incl. US exchange)Subscriptions (incl. US exchange)3,045.871,404.534,450.40
2. PublicationPage/reprint charges (incl. US exchange)Back issues (incl. US exchange)6,567.73422.676,990.40
3. Other incomeEnt. Soc. Canada (2003 Joint AGM “seed” money)2001 AGM registrationESC Education GrantPhero Tech donation (Madsen Award)AGM registration receipts“Silent Auction” receiptsInterest2,500.00800.00600.00100.00820.00167.000.484,987.48
4. Total Receipts16,428.28


1. Publication2001 Journal typesettingJournal printing390.0011,338.2011,728.20
2. Other expendituresStudent awards (J. Perry (Grant & Madsen)Scholarships (Zilahi-Balogh)Society registration (2001)Society Crest printingWeb charges 2000-20022001 AGM expensesESBC library (discussion paper, development policy, cataloguing)JAM 2003 down payment (Grand Okanagan Hotel)Service charges200.00500.0025.0049.02615.40597.15950.002,000.0055.004,991.57
3. Total Expenditures16,719.77


7,755.19 + 16,428.28 – 16,719.777,463.70

Other Assets – Island Savings Credit Union

1. CashBalance forwardPatronage depositTransfer in from Term 2Credit interestTransfer out to Term 4 (Debit)Interest1,395.0226.011,144.950.11-2,566.090.00
2. Membership Equity Shares5.00
3. Term Deposits1203595-1 @ 5% (start 16/i/98, matures 16/i/03)1203595-2 @ 3.8% (closed 30/iv/02 – transferred to ‘Cash’)1203595-3 @ 6.25% (start 17/i/00, matures 17/i/05)1203595-4 @ 1.60% (start 30/iv/02, matures 30/iv/03)20,000.000.006,000.002,566.0928,566.09
4. Total Other Assets28,571.09

Bank Balance on 30 September 2002 $7,463.70

Other Assets on 31 March 2002 $28,571.09

TOTAL ASSETS on 30 September 2002 $36,034.79

Statement prepared 15 October 2002

Robb Bennett, ESBC Secretary/Treasurer

Previous Annual General MeetingsBack to Top of Page

2001 Annual General Meeting

Pacific Agricultural Research Centre, Summerland, BC 
Thursday and Friday, Sept. 27-28, 2001


2000 Annual General Meeting

Pacific Forestry Centre, Victoria, BC 
Friday, Oct 20, 2000



Minutes of Past Meetings:

Fall 2000 Business MeetingBack to Top of Page

Pacific Forestry Centre 
Victoria, BC 
20 October 2000 3:25 pm – 4:05 pm


Continued Web Site ImprovementsWard Strong et al.
Education Grants competitionStrong

1) Call to Order (Neville Winchester) 
Meeting called to order at 3:25 pm.

2) Approval of Agenda (Winchester) 
Approval of agenda moved by Richard Ring, seconded by Karen Needham, carried.

3) Approval of Minutes from Fall 1999 Business Meeting (Winchester) 
Approval of Fall 1999 Business Meeting Minutes (circulated to Membership earlier in Boreus and posted on ESBC web site) moved by Dave Blades, seconded by Rob Cannings, carried.

4) Graduate Student Scholarship Awards (Winchester) 
Successful Scholarship applicants this year were Kathy Bleiker (MSc, UNBC) and Ed Mondor (PhD, SFU). To thunderous applause, Winchester presented Bleiker and Mondor with their well-earned awards.

5) Business Arising from Minutes (Winchester) 
Robb Bennett reported that ESBC funds had been transferred to a term deposit, membership list had been published in Boreus with approval of individual members, web site development is proceeding apace, and elections had been run satisfactorily.

Approval moved by Bernie Roitberg, seconded by Hugh Barclay, carried.

6) President’s Report (Winchester) 
Winchester read the following report:

“My term as President for the Society this past year has been engaging – to say the least! I fondly remember Murray Isman telling me, and I quote, “The president generally has one of the easiest roles to play on the Executive – organizing the spring and fall executive meetings, and some infrequent correspondence with external organizations.” Murray was correct to some extent, although organizing the AGM presented several challenges – 120 emails to deal with, putting together an agenda of stimulating talks, and calming the fears of paper presenters – all in a week’s work.

“Based on a single response to my ‘get involved’ letter in Boreus asking for suggestions to direct the Executive, I have to conclude that the membership is delighted with the efforts of your elected members. Indeed the Society runs smoothly, and in particular, all members owe a dept of gratitude to our Secretary-Treasurer, Robb Bennett. Thank you Robb for correcting my numerous typos, supplying email addresses, and gently prompting various members to complete their action items. In addition to keeping the Society in good fiscal health, Robb also manages to supply some much needed satire at the appropriate time. Although I won’t single out other members of our Executive, I extend my sincere thanks for your efforts in maintaining the quality and good standing of our Society.

“I was pleased with the voting response over those ‘hotly’ contested positions for a place on the 2001 executive and would like to thank Rory McIntosh for getting such a quality field of candidates together. For all of those that stood for election, a special thanks, the Society certainly benefits from your participation.

“I would like to welcome the new Directors, Rene Alfaro, Keith Deglow and Tracy Hueppelsheuser to the Society’s Executive and our President Elect, Lorraine Maclauchlan. Finally, I wish our incoming President, Rob Cannings, the very best for yet another term at the ‘helm’. The Society will be in good hands for the foreseeable future.

“The annual meeting does take a considerable effort to organize and again the executive participated in all logistical aspects needed to hold a successful event. I think you will agree that the range of talks is exciting and that graduate student involvement will make this day of talks, a memorable one. I extend thanks to Hugh Barclay for looking after the details needed to host this meeting at the Pacific Forestry Centre and to Ward Strong for keeping the website updated on the ever changing agenda.

“To conclude, it has been a pleasure serving the Society this year and I look forward to continued involvement with this group over the next several years.”

In addition, Winchester put in a plug for a new course “Canopy arthropods and conservation” to be taught this winter at Uvic.

Approval of President’s report moved by Dave Raworth, seconded by Barclay, carried.

7) Secretary-Treasurer’s Report (Robb Bennett) 
Currently, ESBC is stable with 167 Members (including 7 Life Members) plus 8 new members signed up at AGM registration desk, 57 Subscribers, and 85 Exchange Partners on the mailing lists.

Bennett outlined the ESBC year-end financial statement (see attached). ESBC had not yet been “officially” billed for 1999 Journal printing at year-end. $6,609.00 will be paid shortly and will appear as a separate expenditure item in the 2001 financial statement. One invoice ($742.00) for 1999 page charges remains outstanding. Finances are in reasonably good shape with income from memberships, subscriptions, and page charges continuing to balance Journal expenses.

Acceptance of Secretary-Treasurer’s Report moved by Ring, seconded by Lorraine Maclauchlan, carried.

8) Journal Editor’s Report (Dave Raworth) 
Raworth read the following report:

“The December 1999 issue of the Journal of the Entomological Society of British Columbia (Volume 96) has been printed and distributed. It contains 14 peer-reviewed, scientific articles. The issue was designed and typeset by David Raworth and David Holden; the illustration on the cover was drawn by Robb Bennett; Maurice Perret and staff, Simon Fraser University Reprographics did the printing; Peter Belton provided the link with Reprographics; Robb Bennett and Neville Winchester handled the distribution; and Robb Bennett managed the finances.

“The next issue of the journal is well underway. Eleven articles were received before the 1 September time-line, and five more were received in September. This year, I will be scanning manuscript figures so that Dave Holden can incorporate them directly into the text. The ESBC has purchased a HP1100 Printer (600dpi, $670) which will produce camera-ready copy for the figures as well as the text. Photographs will still be handled by the print-shop. These changes will help in maintaining a balanced budget for the Journal, and reduce the potential for error in figure placement.

“Plans have been drafted for Volume 98, to be published in the Centennial year of the Society. The Executive has agreed in principle that $3000 may be allocated to support the publication of papers that review, discuss, reminisce, and reflect on entomology in BC during the last 50 years. Seven papers in Volume 48 (1951) of the Journal reviewed the first 50 years. The plan thus far calls for 14 papers, each six pages in length, from invited authors. The list of potential authors and general subjects is in preparation. Suggestions for this initiative are welcome, but they must come very soon so that authors have sufficient time to prepare a contribution.

“Many thanks to the authors who contributed to Volume 96. Thanks also to the anonymous reviewers, whose thoughtful comments contributed to maintaining the high quality of the Journal. The Society owes a great deal to the members of the Editorial Committee, who carefully review all the manuscripts; to Dave Holden for his care and attention in typesetting; to Robb Bennett and Neville Winchester who handled the distribution of the Journal; and to Robb Bennett for managing the financial aspects of publishing.

“Please submit articles for publication in the December 2001 issue, before September 2001 – the earlier the better.”

Approval of Journal Editor’s report moved by Roitberg, seconded by Ward Strong, carried.

Discussion – In response to expressed concern over The Canadian Entomologist’s apparent disinterest in publishing faunistics papers, Raworth affirmed that JESBC is an appropriate place for such items provided they have some BC relevance.

9) Boreus Editor’s Report (Phil Jones) 
Jones indicated that Boreus is proceeding well and there are no issues needing discussion.

Approval of Boreus Editor’s report moved by Raworth, seconded by Ring, carried.

10) Web Editor’s Report (Ward Strong) 
Strong discussed the following report, circulated earlier by e-mail.

“The ESBC Website has been revamped according to an action item in the Spring ESBC Executive Meeting minutes and discussion arising from the item. The item in the minutes was: “Bennett was directed to work with Strong to ensure that information on contacting and joining ESBC be prominently displayed on the website. Additionally, information on ESBC Executive structure and meetings need to be developed and/or given more prominence.”

“The following changes have been made:
On the main page, a new link called “Joining the ESBC” has been added. It points to the section of the “About the ESBC” page regarding joining procedures.
On the main page, a new link called “Executive and Constitution” has been added. It points to a new page listing the executive, and the constitution will be added later. The executive listings have been removed from the “About the ESBC” page.
On the main page, a new link called “Meetings Past and Future” has been added. It has information about upcoming meetings of the ESBC, and minutes of past meetings.
“Links to Sites of Entomological Interest” page is continually being updated. Please send to me sites which you think should be added to the list.

“The following changes have yet to be made:
“About the ESBC” page: Mission Statement, history of the ESBC, quick blurb on library holdings.
“Executive and Constitution” page: the constitution, bylaws, serving periods and election procedures.
“Meetings past and future” page: Listings of other meetings of relevance in Canada (ESC and other provincial societies).

“These changes can be made as soon as we have the following: a Mission Statement, a blurb on the history of the ESBC, short listing of library holdings, the Constitution, and election procedures. I would be happy to have these issues resolved at the current Executive Meeting (we need knowledgeable volunteers!).”

Discussion – In future, web site may have its own domain name e.g. “” but there is general satisfaction currently with functioning of web site at current domain.

Approval of Web Editor’s report moved by Maclauchlan, seconded by Barclay, carried.

11) Other Business

  1. Executive Elections Report (Winchester)An excellent field of candidates was assembled by Rory MacIntosh. New Directors are Rene Alfaro, Keith Deglow, and Tracy Huepplesheuser. Lorraine Maclauchlan is President-Elect. Rob Cannings is incoming President (in place of Rory MacIntosh). Executive has accepted election results and ballots will be destroyed.
  2. Graduate Student Scholarships (Winchester)Only five scholarship applications were received this year. It would be nice to see more student interest in this program.
  3. Education Grants (Strong)Entomology Education Grants for elementary schools have been offered by ESBC every 3 years over the last while. Strong will organize a new competition for 2001 fiscal year. Competition will be advertised on the web site.
  4. Student Paper Presentation Awards (Winchester/Maclauchlan)Accompanied by yet more thunderous applause and other joyful noise, the Harold Madsen Award (sponsored by Phero Tech) for best PhD paper presentation and the James Grant Award (sponsored by the North Okanagan Naturalists) were given to Ed Mondor (SFU) and Leonardo Frid (UBC) respectively.
  5. Installation of New President (Winchester)Thus ended the short reign of Neville Winchester. At this point he passed the yoke of leadership on to his successor, Rob Cannings.

12) Adjournment

There being no new business, Cannings called for a motion for adjournment. So moved by Winchester, seconded by Raworth, carried at 4:05 pm.

Minutes submitted by:

Robb Bennett, Secretary

26 October 2000

Entomological Society of British Columbia

2000 Year-End Financial Statement (1/x/1999-30/ix/2000)


1. Bank balance forwarded on 30 September 1999 12,259.23


1. Dues
Memberships (incl. 98.20 US exchange)
Subscriptions (incl. 104.24 US exchange)

2. Publication
Page/reprint charges (incl. 222.54 US exchange)
Back issues (incl. 32.23 US exchange)

3. Other income
N Okan. Field Naturalists (J. Grant Student Award — 1998)
1999 AGM registration

4. Total Receipts 8,941.42


1. Publication
Journal printing
Editor’s expenses
1999 Journal typesetting
Reprint stapling

2. Other expenditures
Student awards (Pureswaran (Grant), Allison (Madsen))
Scholarships (Pureswaran, Danyk)
Society registration (2000)
Society address change
Term Deposit (Island Savings CU @ 6.25% for 5 years)
1999 AGM expenses
Library contract (Marlene Mitchell)
Service charges

3. Total Expenditures 10,559.85


12,259.23 + 8,941.42 – 10,559.85 10,640.80

Other Assets – Island Savings Credit Union

1. CashInterest”Patronage Bonus”

2. Membership Equity Shares 5.00
Term Deposits1203595-1 @ 5% (start 16/i/98, matures 16/i/03)
1203595-2 @ 3.8% (start 30/iv/99, matures 30/iv/02)
(1,000.00 balance forward + 38.10 interest)
1203595-3 @ 6.25% (start 17/i/00, matures 17/i/05)
(1,000.00 interest from #1 + 5,000.00 from general account)


4. Total Other Assets 27,061.12

Bank Balance on 30 September 2000 $10,640.80

Other Assets on 30 September 2000 $27,061.12

Statement prepared 13 October 2000

Robb Bennett, ESBC Secretary/Treasurer

Fall 2001 Business MeetingBack to Top of Page

Pacific Agriculture Research Centre 
Summerland, BC 
27 September 2001 3:36 pm – 4:20 pm


CanningsRicker commemorative article for Boreus and response to Karl Ricker
Cannings & BennettLibrary development
Riel & GuppyTake over Website and Boreus Editorships, respectively

1) Call to Order (Rob Cannings) 
Meeting called to order at 3:36 pm.

1.1 Meeting was immediately disrupted by Peter Belton. Noting that ESBC meetings have been conducted without a gavel for some time (the original gavel, of uncertain provenance but believed to have been borrowed from a child’s toolbox, mysteriously disappeared many years ago), Peter and Elspeth Belton took it upon themselves to have a suitable replacement instrument manufactured. Belton presented the new gavel to Cannings in the hope of initiating a new tradition and era of meeting decorum.

2) Approval of Agenda (Cannings) 
Approval of agenda moved by Karen Needham, seconded by Terry Shore, carried.

3) Approval of Minutes from Fall 2000 Business Meeting (Cannings) 
Approval of Fall 2000 Business Meeting Minutes (circulated to Membership earlier in Boreus and posted on ESBC web site) moved by Hugh Philip, seconded by Peter Belton, carried.

4) Business Arising from Minutes

  1. Website Improvements (Ward Strong)
    See Web Master’s Report (Item 9) below.
  2. Education Grants (Strong)
    Because of financial constraints, nothing pursued this year. With help from K. Needham, ESBC may offer Education Grants in 2002. $1,200 will be available (½ from ESC, ½ ESBC).

5) President’s Report (Cannings) 
Cannings read the following report:

“It has been an honour to serve as ESBC President in this year of our Society’s centenary. And it is a personal pleasure to be presiding over our general meeting in the Interior of British Columbia, here in Summerland, the town where I was born. I also have a special fondness for our meeting location, the Pacific Agricultural Research Centre, Summerland, where my father spent much of his working life and where I played many years as a kid. To us it was simply “The Farm”, a magical place of gardens and orchards, lovely natural hillsides and fascinatingly strange laboratories.

“A centenary is an impressive milestone. A hundred years is a long time, especially for a society of any sort, and I wonder if those pioneering entomologists back in the first few months of the 20th century foresaw their new idea, their fledgling society, going strong a century later.

“The organization of the agenda of the meeting, at least the scientific program, is the responsibility of the President. As usual, this year it took some work to assemble enough papers to fill the schedule. But the result is an eclectic mix of topics that will, I think, make for an enjoyable and stimulating day. These meetings work best with a wide variety of talks presented by amateurs, students and established scientists, and we have this today. But student participation is down this year, and I hope it’s not the beginning of a trend. ESBC meetings are informal, easy-going events – good places for students to get experience in presenting their projects without the stress associated with bigger conferences. I know that, with the constraints of tight budgets and travel time, Interior meetings are harder to attend, and this perhaps explains some of the decline in student papers. Whatever the reason, let’s continue to encourage students in the society. It would be good to have 30 or 40 per cent of the talks given by students, and with such participation we will be able to offer both the Madsen and Grant awards each year. Students are our future in the next 100 years.

“Significant progress has been made in the Society’s business this year. We remain a financially sound organization. Our by-laws have been updated and published. The organization of our library and its accessibility to the membership and public are improving. Our website is growing in size and usefulness as a contact with the rest of the world. Thanks to Ward Strong for his work organizing this site. The Journal continues to flourish and this year’s issue will be especially important – our centennial volume will contain articles outlining BC entomology over the past decades. Dave Raworth is stepping down as editor after four years of hard and productive work. Ward Strong is replacing Dave as editor, and we are looking for a keen and resourceful webmaster to take Ward’s place. Again this year our newsletter Boreus, under the editorship of Phil Jones, has been a vital link among members. After three years and six issues Phil is retiring, and we need a new editor to take Boreus into a new era.

“As always, it is the Secretary-Treasurer who keeps the society running week-to-week. I thank Robb Bennett for his continued conscientious and outstanding performance. I thank all members of the executive for their work, especially those leaving the group at this meeting – Neville Winchester and Hugh Barclay. As noted earlier, Dave Raworth and Phil Jones are stepping down as editors but they will produce the 2001 issues of the Journal and Boreus, respectively.

“I welcome the new executive members, President-Elect Gail Anderson and Directors Cris Guppy and Ian Wilson. To our incoming President, Lorraine Maclauchlan, I wish the very best for a prosperous term. The Society is in capable hands. For all those who stood for election, a special thanks. The Society benefits from everyone’s participation.

“The annual meeting is the highlight of our Society’s year. It requires much organization. Keith Deglow and his colleagues have done an excellent job in sorting out all the details required and I know we all appreciate their efforts.

“I have enjoyed my second stint as ESBC President. All the best to all of you and our Society as we begin another year and our second century.”

Approval moved by Shore, seconded by Dave Raworth, carried.

6) Secretary-Treasurer’s Report (Robb Bennett)

ESBC membership and subscriber lists are stable at approximately 160 and 56 respectively.

Bennett outlined the ESBC “almost year-end” financial statement (September bank statement was still outstanding at time of Annual General Meeting but does not significantly change the financial statement. Finalized year-end statement attached). Society remains in good shape but financing publication of commemorative issue of Journal will be tight.

Approval of Secretary-Treasurer’s Report moved by Bernie Roitberg, seconded by Sherah Vanlaerhoven, carried.

7) Journal Editor’s Report (Dave Raworth) 
Raworth read the following report:

“The December 2000 issue of the Journal of the Entomological Society of British Columbia (Volume 97) has been printed and distributed. It contains 16 peer-reviewed, scientific articles. The issue was designed and typeset by David Raworth and David Holden; the illustration on the cover was drawn by Stephanie Sopow; Maurice Perret and staff, Simon Fraser University Reprographics did the printing; Peter Belton provided the link with Reprographics and Peter and Elspeth Belton checked the blue line; Robb Bennett, Rob Cannings and Joan Kerik handled the distribution; and Robb Bennett managed the finances.

“Last year the figures for articles, with the exception of one photograph, were scanned and inserted digitally into the galleys. The final print quality was very good; authors were able to review a complete galley proof; and the Society saved about $275. These and future savings will pay for the HP 1100 printer which was purchased to provide high quality camera-ready copy.

“Every year several authors request more than 100 reprints. Due to the mechanics of printing additional reprints cause logistical problems and additional expense that is not recouped through reprint invoices. The matter was discussed at the Executive meeting 25 April 2001 and it was decided that a maximum of 100 reprints will be printed for each article.

“Volume 98 will commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the ESBC. It will be a joint volume with 14 invited papers and regular submitted papers. The Society will cover the page charges for the invited papers (about $3,800) and the Editorial committee will review each for Journal format.

“Many thanks: to the authors for their interest in publishing in the JESBC; to the anonymous reviewers who have been quick in response, and have provided thorough reviews with useful comments; and to everyone involved in publication, distribution and finance.

“Having served 4 years as Editor, I think it is time to pass the torch. Serving as Editor has been both challenging and rewarding; a very useful experience that should, I think, be shared among the membership. Ward Strong has kindly agreed to take over as Editor of the Journal in 2002. I will be available to help him as needed with the production of the 2002 issue.

“All correspondence for the 2001 issue should continue to be sent to: 
Dr. David Raworth, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, P.O. Box 1000 – 6947 #7 Highway, Agassiz, BC V0M 1A0
Please submit your manuscripts for the 2002 issue to:
Dr. Ward Strong, Kalamalka Forestry Centre, Ministry of Forests, 3401 Reservoir Road, 
Vernon, BC V1B 2C7

“Articles for publication in the December 2002 issue are due by September 2002.”

Acceptance of Journal Editor’s Report moved by Rex Kenner, seconded by Lorraine Maclauchlan, carried.

8) Boreus Editor’s Report (Phil Jones) 
Jones read the following report:

“The July 2001 issue of your newsletter Boreus consisted of the following: five Announcements and Notices, five profiles of BC entomologists, two book reviews, one scientific note, one field note on butterflies, a compilation of ESBC current by-laws and as part of a continuing series on our entomological past, a look at our federal entomological Research Institutes as they were in the 1960’s, and photos and profiles of three Canadian entomologists, circa 1914.

“For me, one of the highlights of the issue was the contribution by our President, Rob Cannings, on the influence we as entomologists may have on “…stimulating the thirst for knowledge in a child”.

“Once again I acknowledge the assistance of Gayle Jesperson, Plant Pathologist with BCMAF in Kelowna, in formatting Boreus. Thank you to those who contributed to the July 2001 issue of Boreus. The deadline for contributions to the December 2001 issue of Boreus will be November 15, 2001.”

Discussion – Jones would like to be replaced as Boreus Editor but will stay on to produce the December issue.

Acceptance of Boreus Editor”s Report moved by Kenner, seconded by E. Belton, carried.

9) Web Editor’s Report (Ward Strong) 
Strong read the following report:

“The website is in good shape and up-to-date. Many small changes have improved the contents, appearance, and user-friendliness. Larger changes include the following:

  • ESBC Bylaws have been added; the Constitution section has been removed since we don’t seem to have a constitution which is separate from the Bylaws.
  • All electronic issues of Boreus are on-line.
  • The Tables of Contents of recent Journals have been included.
  • Historical listings of the winners of the James Grant, Harold Madson, and the Student Travel Scholarship awards have been added.
  • Maps indicating the locations of members, journal subscribers, and journal trading partners are up.
  • A written description of our society insect, Boreus elegans, has been provided by Rob Cannings.
  • Links of Interest grows as people send me interesting items, but it’s not terribly complete since I do very little “pleasure cruising.”

“Since I’ll be the new editor of the Journal after the publication of the 2001 volume, I’ll be passing on the reins of Web Editor. This has been a fun and gratifying job. It requires a minimal knowledge of HTML, but with a knowledge of CGI scripting, the new editor could implement several exciting new areas identified by the Executive last year, including an Entomologist’s Registry, the Amateur Entomologist’s Rendezvous, and an Education Connection for schoolteachers and other educators. If you are interested or can nominate a candidate, please talk to me.”

Discussion – Strong led discussion of development of photo gallery of BC insects on the website. This idea has strong support from membership.

Approval of Web Editor’s report moved by Cris Guppy, seconded by Keith Deglow, carried.

10) New Business

  1. Crest and Centennial Gavel

Through the generosity of Peter and Elspeth Belton, ESBC now has a new gavel (see Item 1.1). Also through the Beltons, ESBC has purchased a metal plate with an engraving of the Society’s logo. This item is to be mounted upon some suitable piece of woodwork by some suitable woodworker. Cannings displayed the plaque, read out the inscription on the gavel mount, and thanked the Beltons for their gift and long history of service to ESBC.

  • Bill Ricker (Cannings)

Bill Ricker, long (probably longest) standing member of ESBC (Honorary Life Member since 1989) and world-renowned scientist died 8 September 2001 at the age of 93. To commemorate his passing, Cannings read the 1989 Honorary Life Member nomination letter and excerpts from an article published in the Victoria Times-Colonist on 11 September 2001.

Nomination (October 1989).

William Edwin Ricker, OC, BA, MA, PhD, DSc, LLD, FRSC.

Bill Ricker is one of the longest-standing members of the Entomological Society of British Columbia. He joined the Society in the early 1930’s while investigating salmon biology as a graduate student and a scientific assistant with the Fisheries Research Board of Canada. Although he is best known in the biological community as a pioneering fisheries biologist, his contributions to entomology are significant; and include over 30 papers dealing with aquatic groups. His work on the Plecoptera is central to our knowledge of the distribution and systematics of this important order of aquatic insects. He has described or co-described about 90 species of stoneflies currently considered valid, and has named 46 genera and subgenera. Several publications, including the “Stoneflies of southwestern British Columbia” (1943), “Systematic studies in Plecoptera” (1952), “Plecoptera” (in Ward and Whipple’s “Freshwater Biology” – 1959), and “The classification, evolution and dispersal of the winter stonefly genus Allocapnia (1971) are milestones in the study of Plecoptera.

Many of Bill Ricker’s contributions, although made in fisheries biology, have wide application in other disciplines. This is especially true of his work in statistics, bionomics, life-history theory, and limnology. His energy, wide-ranging interests and curiosity about the natural world make him a man to be emulated by all biologists.

It is our great pleasure to nominate Bill Ricker as an Honorary Life Member of the Entomological Society of British Columbia.

(signed) Robert A. Cannings, Geoffrey G. E. Scudder, Sydney G. Cannings, and Crispin S. Guppy.

From the Times-Colonist (11 September 2001)

Fish scientist fostered international goodwill

William Ricker’s decades of dedication to his work left a legacy of ground-breaking fisheries research as well as goodwill between Canada and Russian scientists. . . . He received numerous awards, including the Order of Canada in 1986. . . . father’s body of work includes 737 manuscripts, 305 published . . . Ricker belonged to a Sherlock Holmes organization and wrote a published story about Homes’ nemesis Professor James Moriarty . . .He loved music and played with the Nanaimo Symphony many years ago. . .

Discussion – Son, Karl Ricker, has sent a letter to ESBC documenting his father’s achievements. Action: Cannings will write a commemorative article for Boreus and a response to Karl Ricker.

  • Executive Elections Report (Maclauchlan)

Maclauchlan thanked all who agreed to run for election to ESBC executive positions. New President–Elect is Gail Anderson, new Directors are Cris Guppy and Ian Wilson.

  • Graduate Student Scholarships (Cannings)

Due to low number of applications for ESBC Graduate Student Scholarships, only one was awarded this year. Cannings thanked the review committee for their service and announced that Gabriella Zilahi-Balogh was the successful applicant.

  • Student Paper Presentation Awards (Winchester/Maclauchlan)

Similarly, due to the low number of student presentations at the 2001 AGM, only one Student Paper Award was made. Jennifer Perry (SFU, “Indirect mutualism: Ants and the yucca-yucca moth system”) received a combined Harold Madsen (PheroTech) and James Grant (North Okanagan Naturalists) Award from Cannings. Cannings thanked the sponsors for their continued support for entomology students.

  • Library Report (Bennett

Bennett outlined a library discussion paper prepared by Leslie Hatch (see attached) and current Executive-led work library activities. Cannings and Bennett will work with Hatch to review ESBC library holdings and draft a collection development policy for review by Executive by 31 December 2001. Further action will be decided upon at the Spring 2002 Executive meeting. Action: Cannings and Bennett to pursue development of library.

  • Call for new Boreus and Website Editors (Cannings)

Cannings reiterated the pressing need to find new Editors for Boreus and Website. Bill Riel offered to take over as Website Editor.

NOTE: Shortly after meeting adjournment, Cris Guppy indicated his interest in being Boreus Editor. Action: Riel and Guppy to work with current Editors Strong and Jones and assume web and newsletter editorial duties as soon as possible.

  • Installation of New President (Cannings)

With a look of infinite relief, Cannings passed the gavel to incoming President Maclauchlan. Gripping it with fervour and authority, she noted the need for stronger student involvement in ESBC, thanked all who participated in the 2001 AGM, and called for other new business.

11) Adjournment

There being no other new business, Maclauchlan called for a motion of adjournment. With alacrity this was proposed by Philip, seconded by Strong and carried at 4:20 pm.

Minutes submitted by:

Robb Bennett, Secretary

8 November 2001

Entomological Society of British Columbia

2001 Year-End Financial Statement (1/x/2000-30/ix/2001)


1. Bank balance forwarded on 30 September 2000 10,640.80


1. Dues
Memberships (incl. 94.66 US exchange)
Subscriptions (incl. 137.97 US exchange)

2. Publication
Page/reprint charges (incl. $742 fr 1999 + 812.00 US exchange) 
Back issues (incl. $23.23 US exchange)

3. Other income
PheroTech (H. Madsen Awards – 1999-2001)
N Okan. Naturalists (J. Grant Student Award – 2000) 
2000 AGM registration
Term deposits interest

4. Total Receipts 12,196.89


1. Publication
Journal printing (1999)
Journal printing (2000)
Boreus printing (traffic ticket)
Editor’s expenses
2000 Journal typesetting

2. Other expenditures
Student awards (Frid (Grant), Mondor (Madsen))
Scholarships (Bleiker, Mondor)
Society registration (2000)
Society By-laws photocopying
Bank deposit error
2000 AGM expenses
Service charges

3. Total Expenditures 15,082.50


10,640.80 + 12,196.89 – 15,082.50 7,755.19

Other Assets – Island Savings Credit Union

1. CashBalance forward19.7319.73
2. Membership Equity Shares 5.00
3. Term Deposits1203595-1 @ 5% (start 16/i/98, matures 16/i/03)
1203595-2 @ 3.8% (start 30/iv/99, matures 30/iv/02)
30/iv/01 interest payment
1203595-3 @ 6.25% (start 17/i/00, matures 17/i/05)
(1,000.00 interest from #1 + 5,000.00 from general account)
4. Total Other Assets 27,104.87

Bank Balance on 30 September 2001 $7,755.19

Other Assets on 30 June 2001 $27,104.87

Statement prepared 16 September 2001, revised 4 October 2001

Robb Bennett, ESBC Secretary/Treasurer


The Entomological Society of BC Library Project


Submitted by: Leslie Hatch, Nota Bene Information Services

22 January 1999


Phase I: Collection Development

Goal: To identify the journals and monographs which should be retained in a “working” collection, i.e., a collection which is catalogued and classified according to library standards, and available on the open shelves

1. Collection Development Policy

o Develop a basic collection development policy to provide direction in:

* Evaluating and weeding the current collection

* Making decisions on future acquisitions

* Identifying exchanges which should be initiated, continued, or terminated

* Handling duplicates, including materials that are already available in the PFC collection

– Define the scope of the collection, e.g., subjects covered and level of coverage (comprehensive, selective, or introductory)

– Determine retention policies for the journals and monographs

2. Evaluation and Weeding

A. Journals

1. Inventory

o Identify any duplication of materials in the ESBC and PFC collections, for journals with titles in the alphabetical sequence between S and Z

2. Evaluation and Weeding

o With representatives from the ESBC, and with reference to the collection development policy:

* Review all journals with incomplete or limited runs, which are no longer being received by the ESBC

* Review all journals with significant runs, and journals currently being received by the ESBC

– Determine whether to retain, in the working collection:

o All issues

o Selected issues

* as part of the journal collection

* as part of the monograph collection

o No issues

– Update the manual inventory cards

3. Preservation

o Assess the feasibility of binding the journals retained in the working collection

* Identify journals which would be given priority for binding, i.e., because issues are showing visible signs of deterioration

B. Monographs

1. Inventory

o Determine whether a complete inventory of the monographs is required

* If it is, prepare an automated inventory of the monographs

2. Evaluation and Weeding

o With representatives from the ESBC, and with reference to the collection development policy:

* Review all monographs

– Determine which monographs should be:

o Retained

o Discarded

o Updated, then discarded

* Prepare a list of monographs for which newer editions should be purchased

– Prepare an automated inventory of monographs retained, which would provide the information needed to search for cataloguing records in online databases

C. Dispensation of Weeded Materials

o Determine which of the weeded items should be:

* Discarded

* Retained in storage, for a specified period

Phase II: Collection Organization

Goal: To produce automated cataloguing records and spine labels for:

* All items in the working collection identified in Phase I

* All monographs and journals which are acquired or received subsequently

1. Developing the Automated Catalogue

o In consultation with the head of the PFC Library and representatives from the ESBC, determine

policies and procedures for integrating cataloguing records for the ESBC collection into the PFC library database

2. Retrospective and Current (Ongoing) Cataloguing

o Search online bibliographic databases for cataloguing records for:

* All journals and monographs in the working collection

* Any new journals and monographs that are acquired or received

– Download and edit any records located

o Create original cataloguing records for all items not located in the online databases

o Update cataloguing records to reflect current holdings, such as the receipt of new issues of journals, or additional copies of monographs

3. Labeling the Collection

o Produce and affix spine labels to items as they

are catalogued, or entered in the library database

Phase III: Collection Awareness and Access

Goal: To encourage and provide access to the collection, through the ESBC web page

1. Collection access policies and procedures

o Develop policies and procedures for providing web access to the collection, including:

* Format of entries

* Frequency of updates to the file

* Responsibility for updates to the file

* Handling of interlibrary loan requests