Nazar is the CEO and Lead Software Engineer at Affable. He has 3 years of experience in AI and Computer Vision. His previous idea was to use image recognition to learn from photos of people’s handwriting and turning it into a vectorized font. This project got Silver medal in China. Nazar is also on the National Junior Team for Experimental Physics and is representing Pakistan at “Physics World Cup” in Georgia. Nazar is also a zero handicap Polo player and is Captain of his high-school Polo team.


Quratulain is the Chief Marketing Officer at affable. Annie is a graduate of University of Management and Technology, School of Science and Technology. She is particularly fascinated by Social Media Analysis using data mining techniques. Annie loves to listen to music.



Sofia does Software Demos, pre-sales and graphic design. From logo making to website design, splicing videos to being the voice of the company, she does it all. Sofia was on the team that got 2nd place in Guangzhou China in 2018 for a Computer Vision project. Sofia is rated #2 nationally in swimming and was the FEI winner of Showjumping in 2019.