Precision Agriculture with Affable AI Technology

Actionable Data

Affable has developed technologies that are tailor-made for precision agriculture. Drones allow quick precise coverage of hard to get to places. Deep neural network (DNN) vision models allow alerts on crop size, stage of ripeness, and spoilage. SLAM or “Simultaneous Location and Mapping” allows learning from terrain and marking the areas at the farm. The data is of no use if it cannot be interpreted. At Affable, we do not only collect data but also offer tools that can turn that information into actionable points. A simple example would be the average production prediction across fields, total kilograms of fruits in an orchard today, or the percentage of planting failure.


Using drone automation and vision is more cost-effective. It can pinpoint problems more quickly and effectively than traditional methods, thus saving a lot of money in labor and crop spoilage. UAVs offer a holistic view of the crop. The drones are your eyes in the sky and allow the farmers and farm owners to accurately and quickly identify problems. The vision algorithms give automated context to the video sent from the sky!


A drone can fly across the field and collect data in minutes. It would take hours to collect the same information manually. For example, the quality of grapes has traditionally been checked manually. Inspecting 1 hectare of land normally takes around a week. A drone can complete the same task at a speed of 1 hectare in an hour and that too with around 95% accuracy.

Crop Condition Assessment

The “Affable Actionable Insights” provide an assessment of your crop and that information can be used in numerous ways. The planting mistakes can be corrected or mitigated at an early stage. The acreage with chronic poor crops can be treated. A loan can be obtained by showing the bank an estimate or prediction. Finally, the data can be used to claim insurance, as the updated status of all stages of the crop is documented.